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A look into what's new in the world of home inspection. 


It's that time of year again. 

October 30, 2020

I know, I know, like taking down the holiday lights, or cleaning the dishwasher filter, cleaning the gutters can be that to-do item that ends up on the bottom of the list.  But, what better time than right now to (safely) get up on a ladder and clean out the gutters. The leaves are falling, and the rainy season is on the way.  Who knows, maybe this year you'll treat yourself and hire a company to clean them for you. either way, you'll be thankful you did.  

- Why do we need to clear the gutters? 
Keeping your gutters clean and clear has the obvious advantage of making sure water gets to our downspouts. If things get really bad up there, it can lead to a number of probems. Water spilling over the sides of the gutters which could eventually lead to mold, mildew, ground floor flooding, Structural issues, or even foundation issues. If they get really packed I have seen plants taking root in the gutter. So, let's not go there. 

Clogged gutter

Thermal Imaging: Using heat to find defects

October 9, 2020

With Puget Home Inspection you will get the latest in tools used to detect deficiencies in  a home. Whether it's issues with insulation, plumbing, the roof, or other home systems, the thermal camera can be used to see more keenly at what is going on with a home. 

You can see here that the thermal camera picks up the heat pf the hot water as it flows through this basin. If there were a leak we would detect it immediately. In this case there is no leak. 

Puget Home Inspection also has the training to back up the tools. I have completed InterNACHI's 60+ hour training. With a focus on building science and the technical aspects of the camera itself I will be able to use my knowledge to interpret the thermal imaging photos. 


Reading our report: The Summary

September 16, 2020

Sometimes reading a home inspection report can be a little overwhelming. Let's take a look at the different sections of the report and try to break down what is included in each aspect. 

Today I want to focus on the summary.  In the report, the Summary is a list of the highest concern items involved with the home. This is usually considered the core of what a report is seeking to tell us about a home.

Blog image

Above is a sample of what the summary looks like. In the example, you can see that at the top of the page there is a little description of the summary and a hyperlink that leads to a list of a maintenance items for a home. That link is an excellent resource if you want to know how often you should address different things like testing smoke alarms, or gutter cleaning.  

Website background

Let's look at a Summary item;
Here we have an item under the heading Exterior. Later in this sample Summary, you will see another heading of Electrical. Each item is sorted into their respective category. In the main body of the report each heading will have an expanded section/tab that will cover more descriptions, limitations, and recommendations. 

With each item you will have a sub heading or category. In the sample above it is Porches, Decks, Stairs, Patios, and Balconies \ Beams. This tells us more specifically what we're looking at. This category will appear with a photo of the deficiency later in the report under the Exterior tab. 

Next we have Condition:Connections weak. 
This is the reason why what we're looking at is deficient. Notice that this is a hyperlink and will lead us to a more expanded look into what "connections weak" means. Click this link to see what I mean. 

Then we have Implication(s): Weakened structure | Chance of structural movement. An implication is basically why it is important. In this case there is a chance of structural movement. 

Each item will include a Location. In this case it is throughout (the Porches Decks etc..)

"Task: Improve" is the recommendation from me to you. Basically, these weak connections need to be improved. 

Lastly we we have a Time. This is a recommendation of when this item should be addressed. In this case "as soon as possible". 

I will have more blog posts that look deeper into the parts of the report. As always if any of my clients have questions about any part of a report I am available by phone or email. 


A word about Covid-19

September 10, 2020

We all want to be safe, for ourselves and our families. With Puget Home Inspection you can be assured that I will work with you to find the safest way to conduct your home inspection. In order to educate myself I have completed InterNACHI's 5 hour course on Covid-19 safety. 

 What you can expect
- I'll be wearing a mask the entire time. 
- I will maintain safe distancing.  
- My hands will be washed and sanitized. 
- I will honor all requests regarding safety. For example, if you want to go through the report over the phone or video-chat, let's do it!  Let's talk through any concerns. 

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Home inspector

Introducing Puget Home inspection

August 10, 2020

Hello everyone,

I am a new home inspector in the Seattle area. I'd like to introduce myself in the hopes of working together at some point. I am based in South King County and serve the surrounding area.

Advantages I can offer:

- Ambition

I am motivated to work together and I will bring my A game for your clients. Whether that's a step-by-step walk through of the home inspection process, or being available for follow up questions. I am motivated to bring the client knowledge and a sense of ease.

- Robust Reporting

I use the latest in home inspection software. Each report includes full color photos, informative illustrations, links to explainers, and resource documents. Whether you're a first time home buyer or a pre-listing owner, clients will have a wealth of resources with each report.

- Availability

Being new means having an open schedule. I am open to same day bookings, weekends or quick turnarounds.

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