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Individualized pricing

Full residential inspection   $499

This is a standard residential inspection as described by WA state standards. This inspection  includes a full color report. 

Under 1000 sq/ft   $399

3500+ sq/ft   $599

Condo / Apartment   $399

A condo or apartment is one unit in a building with 5 or more units. Typically there are shared utilities and shared structural components such as attic and crawl spaces. These spaces are usually governed by a building manager and or an HOA which puts them outside the purview of a home inspection. A townhome is not a condo.

Premium add-ons

Our comprehensive thermography scan, identifies insulation, building envelope, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and other deficiencies. Dedicated report sections detail findings from these scans, ensuring thorough coverage and confident analysis.

This service covers Wood Destroying Organisms like Termites, Wood Fungus, and Beetles, in alignment with WSDA guidelines, focusing solely on threats to structural wood integrity.

Outbuilding add-on (Barn, ADU)   +$99

Do you have a detached garage with it's own electrical panel? Maybe you have a barn, accessory dwelling unit (ADU), or similar type building? This add-on is required if you would like these buildings included in the report. They will receive their own separate section in the report. 

2-sample mold inspection add-on   +$299

This service adds the elements featured in a mold inspection to a traditional home inspection. We look for conditions conducive to mold growth and take 2 samples to be analyzed by an independent laboratory. 

Specialty inspection types

Independent Structural pest inspection   $349

An inspection that reports on Wood Destroying Organisms (such as Termites, Wood Fungus, Beetles, etc). This is not an investigation of rodents, or other pests that do not affect structural wood. This report is delivered in conjunction with WSDA guidelines. This inspection type only covers WDO's and is not a full home inspection.

Independent Mold inspection   $399

Our comprehensive mold inspection services encompass a meticulous visual assessment, precise sampling and analysis procedures, or a combination of both, as detailed in the initial agreement. Following this thorough examination, sample collection, and laboratory analysis, we provide our clients with a detailed written report.

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